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Providing Executive Protection - Volume I


This is a very thorough book on providing personal protection for others - and for yourself. It is a response to the increase in domestic crime and worldwide terrorism which have created the need for improved protective services. All of the contributors have presented their expertise indicating the wide dimensions of concerns and involvement of the Personal Protection Specialist. Considerations which include; threat analysis; risk management; detailed advance work; travel movements; "stalker" awareness; home, office and recreational security measures; all with an emphasis on maximum protection with minimum lifestyle intervention.

The theme is a deliberate avoidance of confrontation with an emphasis upon keeping a "Principal" out of harm's way through a low profile exposure as necessary. Allowing those who have protection to continue to do what they wish to do and go where they wish to go with the maximum of safety and the minimum of inconvenience. Protective measures include attacks, accidents, medical emergencies, fire, disasters and embarrassments. Everyone who wishes to be aware of what professionally provided Executive Protection is really all about would benefit from reading this book. A "bodyguard" may be able to help you to get out of trouble, but, a Personal Protection Specialist (P.P.S.) will keep you from getting into trouble.

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