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Providing Executive Protection - Volume II


A true sequel to the highly successful volume of instruction published first in 1991 under the title, Providing Executive Protection, the second volume goes deep into a rich soil of knowledge tilled and worked over by a small band of dedicated professionals. Its thoroughness is a response to the increase in domestic crime and worldwide terrorism which have created the need for updated and improved protective services.

The watchword, for those who provide protective services, is, eternally, Vigilance. The Personal Protection Specialist (P.P.S.) can never afford to rest upon his or her laurels. An impeccable, professional career, attested by the years, can be destroyed in a heartbeat by a moment's inattention, or the cruel, inexorable swiftness of the assassin's bullet, bomb, or slashing blade. Over the years, we have insisted on the need to expect the unexpected. It is the kinetic energy by which the profession of protection is driven. This is a stressful business and, once again, that subject finds, in a practical way, further, insightful expression in these pages.

A book for those who need protection; those who manage protective services and those who provide or wish to provide personal protection. 

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