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The Warrior's Path: A Warrior Based Approach to Personal Change


The knowledge in this book is derived from decades of instructing every branch of the U.S. military, as well as the Department of Defense, police agencies, SWAT teams, and elite-level bodyguards. The information and wisdom is also gleaned from over forty years spent in the martial arts and gaining over fifteen black belts in various arts. During that time, I have run numerous academies and been able to work as private protection for numerous VIPs, including the stars of film and TV shows such as The Walking Dead, Arrow, and others.The lessons I’ve learned have shown me that, despite the many obstacles that make life feel impossible at times, there is a way forward for anyone dreaming of becoming an elite-level performer, athlete, businessman, or anyone simply seeking a happier, fuller life. I have been low and discovered what it took to get back up. And I have had people from all across the spectrum come to me for guidance, and I have shown them the steps that I took, and that other masters before me took.We are all down at some point. It is inevitable in this life. But there is a process to recovery, steps that one can take to redeem one’s body, mind and spirit. This book is a collection of those steps, a set of guidelines I have found to be universally beneficial to those that have decided to opt out of the quitter’s mentality and finally seek a higher awareness and greater happiness. A sigma personality.I have taught soldiers, and soldiers have taught me. I have been in the company of killers and monks, and found that there are a surprising number of foundational habits that they all have in common, habits allowing them to reach a higher state and keep themselves sane, aware, healthy and clearheaded.In this book you will learn techniques on breathing and exercising more intelligently, but you will also see highlighted the many ways you can alter your thinking to reach greater physical and mental goals.This book is not just about how you should think differently about your body, but also how you should rethink your thinking, and begin a journey of self-discovery that, if you’re lucky, will last until your dying day. There is a way forward, a path one can take to rejuvenate themselves and ascend past the normal limitations set not just by others, but by oneself.It is not hopeless. You are not hopeless. There is a path forward. Let me show you.

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